What is predatory pricing? PDF Print
Predatory pricing occurs where a dominant firm sets its prices very low, often below its cost of production, with the intention of forcing its competitors out of the market, thereby creating a monopoly so that it can subsequently charge very high prices, earning supernormal prices.
What is market restriction? PDF Print
Market restriction occurs where a supplier, as a condition of supplying a product to a customer requires that customer to supply its goods only in a market predefined by the supplier.
Do I have to resell goods at a price specified by my supplier? PDF Print
No. It is an offence for a supplier to influence the maintenance or an increase in the price at which an independent dealer offers to sell those goods or services. This is referred to as resale price maintenance in the Act.
What is Price Fixing? PDF Print
Price fixing occurs where businesses that should otherwise be in competition with each other, come together and agree to fix or maintain the price of goods or services that they supply.
What is an authorisation? PDF Print
An authorisation is permission granted by the Commission to engage in an agreement or business practice that is otherwise prohibited under the Act.
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