Commission Launches a Study to Evaluate the Activities Within theTelecommunications Industry
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An Assessment of the Telecommunications Sector in Barbados


As part of its continual assessment of the state of competition within the local economy, the FTC launched a market study in July, 2014 to document the structure of the local Telecommunications industry and the evolution of the same, as well as to assess the activities that are conducive to robust competition among players.

Recent announcements regarding the proposed merger between Cable & Wireless Communications plc and Columbus International Inc. underscore the need to fully understand the dynamics within the industry and in so doing, assess how telecommunications products and services are used by consumers, evaluate the activities within the Telecommunications industry, and record the experiences faced by consumers.

The ongoing study comprises a confidential Consumer Survey which aims to gather information from all consumers on their use and perceptions of the information, communication and technology products and services on offer by current licensed operators in Barbados.

Below are two links to the questionnaires. The first link directs you to the Residential Questionnaire, which applies to any individual or residential customer who has a service (mobile, landline, internet, or television) provided by any of the listed operators.

The second link directs you to the Corporate Questionnaire, which applies to the principals or decision-makers of businesses in Barbados who use telecommunications services (e.g. PBX, ICPLS, DIA, mobile, hosting services) from any of the listed operators.

Please be reminded that the questionnaires are confidential. You are not required to provide your name or contact details and no attempt will be made to identify respondents otherwise.

If you are willing to participate, please click on the link that most applies to you.


Residential Questionnaire

Corporate Questionnaire