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Making a Complaint to the FTC regarding Anti-Competitive Conduct PDF Print

Fair and healthy competition induces competing businesses to increase their operational efficiency, and ultimately leads to the production of lower priced and better quality goods and services.

There are occasions however when businesses disregard the rules of fair competition and engage in practices likely to restrict or distort this process. Practices of this nature include: 

Competition Works Best PDF Print
If you choose to compete you have to recognise that you might come in second. Competition can be a calculated and ruthless process. Competing firms often must attract customers away from each other. Efficient firms will usually increase their market share, while inefficient ones will often lose market share and sometimes be driven from the market. These occurrences are an inevitable consequence of competition. The Fair competition Act, unfortunately for those who would wish otherwise, does not seek to disrupt this process, but is designed rather to encourage it. The objective of competition policy is to protect competition rather than competitors.
The Convergence of Consumer Protection and Competition, Policies PDF Print
Times have changed. Today’s customers want specialised products and services catering to new, often “niche” markets. They are now more discriminating, and discerning, shopping for and expecting the best quality services and value. These trends have lead to the growing convergence and interaction between different policy fields such as competition and consumer protection policy, which seek ultimately to sustain these ‘across the board’ privileges for consumers, and overall benefits for the economy. The relationship between the two policy fields will no doubt be further explored and advanced by policy makers who have come to realize that true consumer power requires more than competitive markets and product choice but that accurate and understandable information is also needed to facilitate consumer decision making in the increasingly complex marketplace of today.
Public Consultation on Merger Guide PDF Print
The Commission recently conducted a public consultation on its draft Merger Guide. The guidelines contained therein, detail the analytical and procedural framework to be followed by the Commission when reviewing a merger under the Fair Competition Act. The Merger Guide was developed specifically to assist businesses, their advisers and the general public in understanding the goals, objectives and processes for regulatory merger review in Barbados.
Competition in the CSME: The Way Forward PDF Print
Chapter eight of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas provides for the promotion and maintenance of fair competition in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). To facilitate this objective the Treaty provides for the establishment of a Community Competition Commission (CCC), a regional agency whose responsibility it will be, to administer and enforce Competition law in the region.
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