Allegation: Anti-competitive conduct by LIME

Case Opened: February 3, 2010

The Commission has completed its investigation into the allegation that Cable and Wireless (Barbados) Limited trading as LIME, was acting in breach of the Fair Competition Act CAP 326C, by contacting Digicel’s customers and enticing them with promotional offers, when Digicel (Barbados) Limited customers’ mobile numbers were private information. 

The Commission found that the methodology used by LIME to derive the calling list of potential Digicel customers is a widely used practice in marketing research and tele-sales activity and was not due to any privileged access to customer information resulting from their dominance in any telecommunications markets.

The Commission therefore found that, LIME’s action did not constitute a breach of Section 16 3(h) of the Fair Competition Act CAP 326C.

Case Closed: March 1, 2010