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The Fair Trading Commission has launched two market studies in fulfilment of its mandate under the Fair Trading Commission Act, CAP. 326B. The objective of these studies is to determine the existence of unfair contractual terms, anticompetitive or unfair trade practices that exist within the tourism and telecommunications industries, respectively. As a result, the Commission intends to engage tourists, members of the public, service providers, stakeholders and other relevant agencies with a view to collating their experiences in these sectors.
It is important to note that these studies do not constitute an investigation, but are a general evaluation of the quality of service and product delivery within these sectors in Barbados. The aim, therefore, is to highlight any issues that are affecting consumers and stakeholders, and address these issues in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, CAP. 326D and/or the Fair Competition Act, CAP. 326C. Upon conclusion of the study, a report will be prepared and presented to the public.
To complete the survey on the Assessment of the Quality of Service Delivery in the Hotel Industry of Barbados: Accommodation Sector, visit . To complete the survey on the Assessment of the Quality of Service Delivery in the Telecommunications Sector of Barbados: Mobile Telephony, visit . The Commission looks forward to a fruitful exchange throughout the course of the studies.
For additional information, contact the Information Specialist at the Commission, Nekaelia Hutchinson-Holder, at 424-0260 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
November 14, 2017