BWA Standards of Service Remain in Effect
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Customers of the Barbados Water Authority (“BWA”) are reminded that the Fair Trading Commission’s (“ the Commission”) Standards of Service Decision issued on May 31, 2017 and implemented January 1, 2018 is still in effect. The Decision provides for certain mandatory overall and guaranteed standards which the BWA must comply with.
Please be advised that under the Guaranteed Standards, there are provisions for consumers to receive compensatory payments in instances where the BWA fails to achieve an individual standard.
However, in order to receive compensation, customers must submit a manual claim to the BWA within three (3) months of occurrence of the event that gives rise to the claim. Claims submitted after this time period are ineligible for compensation. Customers should also note that this compensation is in the form of a credit on the bill and not a cash payment.
For more information on the Standards of Service including the compensation that is payable, click here.