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The Fair Trading Commission is in the final stages of its investigation into the nationwide electricity outages which occurred last year, the result of which will direct the Commission’s determination with regard to customer compensation.
The outages, which the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited (BL&P) attributed to engine failure, occurred on November 18 and 19, 2019. The Commission’s investigation involves a comprehensive assessment of the circumstances and contributing factors which led to the failure. The investigation will also determine whether the occurrence of the outages breached the Utilities Regulation Act, CAP.282 or any other law which the Commission administers; or the Commission’s BL&P Standards of Service Decision 2018-2020 and related Order.
The Commission’s Decision on the matter will therefore be contingent on the following:
a) Determination on whether BL&P took reasonable action prior to and following the outages;
b) Determination on whether there has been a breach of relevant legislation and Standards of Service;
c) Submission of findings for internal review by the Commission;
d) Preparation of a Findings Report; and
e) Submission of the Findings Report to the BL&P.
The Commission’s investigation is currently at the Findings Report stage. Following the submission of the Report to the BL&P, the Commission will publish its Decision on the matter and a public notice on the same will be issued.
May 15, 2020