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The Standards of Service (SoS) issued by the Fair Trading Commission are used to assess the provision of service from the regulated utility service providers – the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited, Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited (trading as Flow) and the Barbados Water Authority - at the individual and national levels. Compensation is given to customers for specific Standards where breaches occur.
Prior to the preparation and issuance of Decisions on the review of the existing Standards of Service Decisions, the Commission is obliged to consult with the regulated utilities, as well as the public. This requirement allows the various parties to comment on the issues that they deem relevant to the decision-making process. This is accomplished through the preparation and issuance of consultation papers, which are generally made available to the public for a period of six (6) weeks. Additionally, in some instances the Commission may entertain requests from stakeholders for extensions so that they may respond to the consultation paper.
The Commission expects to complete this consultation process, along with the preparation and approval of the necessary staff papers and relevant Decisions, within the six-month period of the proposed SOS extension.
December 11, 2020