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Competition and Small Businesses PDF Print

Printed in the "Business Monday" newspaper on October 19, 2009

One of the objectives of the Fair Competition Act (the Act) is to ensure that all businesses irrespective of size have the opportunity to participate equitably in the market place. This means that whether a company is large or small, the Commission’s aim is to ensure that the process of competing in the market remains free from anti-competitive behaviour. Many small-business persons are of the view that competition law applies only to big business, and while it is true that the competition legislation specifically speaks to the prohibition of abuse of dominant positions by companies that possess great market power, there are several ways by which small businesses can breach the legislation. 


The Importance of Protecting Competitive Markets PDF Print

Printed in the "Business Monday" newspaper on September 21, 2009

Over the last few months the Fair Trading Commission (Commission) issued directives to cease and desist, in regard to two businesses. Worldwide other competition authorities across Europe and in the United States have been examining cases of anti-competitive conduct by large multi-national firms and have on occasions imposed significant fines on these companies. These actions and the vigour with which they are pursued speak to the role of a competition authority, which is not to punish shareholders and entrepreneurs but rather to ensure that competition is duly protected.  

Intellectual property rights under the Fair Competition Act PDF Print

Printed in the "Business Monday" newspaper on August 10, 2009

 The Crop-Over season always produces its share of controversy, and this year was no exception. Very often these controversies relate to intellectual property rights infringements, for example, the issue of piracy or the unauthorised reproduction and distribution of local music.

Market Dominance: Setting the Record Straight PDF Print
One of the key objectives of Competition law is to ensure that all enterprises, irrespective of size, (large, medium and small), have the opportunity to participate equitably in the market place. Competition Law seeks to promote and maintain competition among businesses because competitive environments inspire innovation and efficiency, and result ultimately in the expansion of businesses.
Looking Beyond the Surface - Legitimate Business Practices PDF Print
The Fair Trading Commission is sometimes faced with complaints about business practices which on the surface are perceived as anti-competitive. However on further investigation these practices often prove to be legitimate business activities not in contravention of the Fair Competition Act Cap.326C (Act). Today’s article looks at and provides an example of particular business practices that are legitimate, contrary to the common assumption that they are anti-competitive.
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