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Fair Competition FAQs
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What are the objectives of the Fair Competition Act?
What is an authorisation?
How do I satisfy the requirements for an authorisation?
Why are merger control provisions included in the Fair Competition Act?
How does the Fair Trading Commission determine whether or not to allow a merger?
In seeking a merger what do I do?
Does the Fair Competition Act apply only to big businesses?
How can I be sure that the information submitted to the Commission will be kept confidential?
What happens if the FTC finds a person or enterprise is engaging in anti- competitive practices?
What are the powers of the Fair Trading Commission?
If I disagree with a decision made by the Fair Trading Commission can I appeal?
What is Price Fixing?
Do I have to resell goods at a price specified by my supplier?
Who is affected by the Fair Competition Act?
Is there a need for the Fair Competition Act?
When did the Fair Competition Act come into effect?
Do other CARICOM countries have competition legislation?
What is an anti-competitive practice?
What is meant by a dominant position in a market?
How can a firm abuse its dominant position?
What is exclusive dealing?
What is predatory pricing?
What is market restriction?
How do I make a complaint regarding unfair competition?
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