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The Commission has responsibility under the Fair Competition Act Section 5 (6) to make available to persons engaged in business and consumers, general information with respect to their rights and obligations and regarding matters which might affect their interests. In addition the Commission is mandated to advise the Minister on matters relating to the operation of the Competition Act.

In fulfilling this mandate, the Commission has undertaken a number of initiatives including educational seminars, training workshops, public lectures, distributing pamphlets, writing news articles, and other speaking engagements, all aimed at educating the members and prospective members of the business community. To date the Commission has organised and been a part of several of these workshops and seminars all aimed at highlighting the role the Competition Act plays in ensuring “fair play” among business.



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Information for Consumers

2016 FTC Annual Report  [pdf]
2017 Annual Lecture Presentation   [pptx]
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The Fair Trading Commission participated in the General Post Office’s World Post Day outreach on October 9, 2017.