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 National Petroleum Corporation


1.          Deposit fee payable by applicants:

            (a)  for supply of natural gas $50.00

            (b) for meter testing $5.75


2.         Installation fee for effecting supply of natural gas $115.00.


3.         Minimum fee for installation and connection from metre to an appliance $135.00.


4.          Rental fee for meters:

(a)   Domestic $3.45

(b)   Commercial $17.25


5.          Fee in respect of requesting by customer testing (No charge).


6.          Reconnection fee $28.75.

(a)   Domestic customers

                  Monthly consumption $1.48 per cubic metre

                  10% discount if payment is made within 15 days of the date of billing.

 (b)   Commercial Customers 

                  Monthly Consumption                        Change per cubic metre

                  First 150 cubic metres                      $1.29

                  Next 2250 cubic metres                   $1.20

                  Next 6300 cubic metres                   $1.78

                  Over 8700 cubic metres                   $1.14


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