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The Fair Trading Commission works with Barbadian businesses on several different fronts. We promote and maintain competition in the Barbadian market by monitoring the business environment to prevent anti-competitive behaviour which would harm business. The Commission also strives to create a culture where competition can thrive by informing and educating businesses and consumers about the benefits of efficient and competitive markets.

This section of the site is dedicated to providing information so that business persons can understand more about how the Fair Trading Commission relates to them. Thorough understanding of legislation is essential for businesses, hence we have provided information on merger guidelines , unfair or anti-competitive conduct and links to all of the legislation that the FTC administers. We have also provided information to guide businesses in their dealings with customers. There are links to tips on establishing a Compliance Programme, Debt Collecting and also a list of what constitutes Unfair Trade Practices.

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Information for Consumers

2016 FTC Annual Report  [pdf]
2017 Annual Lecture Presentation   [pptx]
Mr. John Davies, Senior Vice President of Compass Lexecon (Paris) delivers his presentation on Competition Policy and Economic Development – is there a link for Small Economies? to the audience at the FTC’s 13th Annual Lecture.