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Looking Out for the Vulnerable Consumer PDF Print

Compliance with the Consumer Protection Act is not only about obeying the law, it simply makes good business sense.

Businesses that accommodate the special needs of consumers get a good reputation in all areas of their business. Businesses that take advantage of vulnerable or disadvantaged consumers get a bad reputation, not just with the consumer involved, but with that consumer’s family, friends and the broader community.

Understanding Merger Investigations PDF Print
Under the Fair Competition Act, CAP.326C a merger occurs when two or more enterprises cease being distinct corporate entities. This can be achieved through a process of amalgamation or via joint venture partnership. The merger of Brydens- McAls merger was a prime example of an amalgamation where one company buys a majority shareholding or a significant minority shareholding in another company. A prime example of a merger consummated via joint venture is the Barclays Bank Plc and CIBC Caribbean Limited which created FirstCaribbean Bank Limited. It should be noted that a merger may also include the purchase of assets such as businesses, plant and equipment and intellectual property.
Surviving Change: Competing Successfully in a Liberalised Environment PDF Print
Globalisation is the name of the game. At all corners of the world, barriers to trade in goods and services are tumbling at a rapid pace. Few countries, if any, can avoid being swept up in the current wave of trade liberalisation. Barbados is no exception, considering the island’s active membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and Government’s current engagement in discussions to move forward the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSM&E) and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
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