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Our History


The journey leading to the creation of this consumer protection, fair competition and utility regulatory body goes back to the middle of the last century. The FTC evolved from its predecessor the Public Utilities Board which was responsible for regulating public utilities such as electricity and telephone services, from 1955 until 2001.

However, as Barbados developed, the need arose for a new body with a broader mandate to deal with other areas which had become important such as fair competition and consumers’ rights.

Thus, the Fair Trading Commission eventually came into being on January 2nd, 2001, through the Fair Trading Commission Act.

Our Duties
  • Determining principles, rates and standards of service for regulated service providers;
  • Monitoring general business conduct
  • Investigating possible breaches of the Acts administered by the FTC.
  • Educating and informing businesses and consumers about the requirements of these Acts.
  • Taking enforcement action when needed


Our Values

  • Professionalism – We act with integrity, operating as a team, providing timely and sound responses to our stakeholders, fostering the respect and trust of our staff and the public.
  • Transparency – We demonstrate our impartiality by communicating our procedures, investigations and decisions in an unambiguous manner, thus encouraging feedback from the public.
  • Proactive Approach – We ensure that there is continued development of staff in an intellectually stimulating environment, thereby enabling us to anticipate, research and investigate issues that may potentially affect consumers and businesses; and employ dynamic internal procedures to achieve optimal efficiency.
Our People

The appointed Chairman and Commissioners of the FTC are drawn from various sectors of business. It is these Commissioners who make decisions on applications, issue orders, initiate prosecution if necessary and create policy.

  • Mrs. Tammy Bryan
  • Dr. Donley Carrington
Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Roger Barrow
  • Mr. Jermaine Beckford
  • Dr. Simon Naitram
  • Mr. John Griffith
  • Ms. Ruan Martinez
  • Ms. Jennivieve Maynard
  • Ms. Sukeena Maynard
  • Mr. Samuel Wallerson















The Chief Executive Officer, an ex-oficio member of the Commission, is responsible for the administration of the legislation under the FTC’s purview, the supervision of staff and the work programme of the Commission. Directors are appointed to carry out the FTC’s mandate and the Legal Department provides legal advice on all aspects of the Commission’s work.


  • Chief Executive Officer
Dr.Marsha Atherley-Ikechi 
  • Director of Utility Regulation, Ag.
Ms. Kathyann Belle
  • Director of Fair Competition
Dr. Troy Waterman
  • Director of Consumer Protection
Mrs. Dava Leslie-Ward
  • General Legal Counsel
Mr. Kevin Webster
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